4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Lunch


The Clock is always so fast. And daily life is a struggle to maximize the most of the hours on the clock. Mid-day is the time where work reaches its peak, where productivity is in full swing and it turns out to be the time where people skip meals the most. But it’s not ideal, and if you’re skipping lunch too often, here are 4 quick reasons why you should not.

4 .Reduces Concentration and affects productivity at work

Well, a lot of people feel guilty taking time away from work to eat and would rather get on with the job to maximize productivity, but research from health experts advise that this is actually the reverse. Staying hungry not only reduces concentration but it makes decision making of the brain slower. The thing is, our minds get foggier as we spend more hours working and as the daily tasks which usually start from mornings deplete us as it does the breakfast eaten before work.  Lunch re-invigorates us. Meals taken for lunch, not only provide valuable energy, they also renew mental alertness and helps to improve focus on the remaining time of the working hours and this is what will make you essentially maximize results on the job.


  1. Increases Weight gain

People who regularly skip meals and then eat up later all at once, tend to weigh more than those who eat moderately throughout the day. Skipping lunch ramps up the appetite later, leading to excessive urge to overeat which is not only poor nutritionally but increases belly fat leading to excess weight.   Numerous researches, like this for example, shows that when you don’t eat enough, your body goes into starvation mode, in which it slows metabolism  in a bid to conserve energy. So, while thinking that it makes perfect sense that eating less equates to less fat; it’s actually the reverse. In addition to decreased fat loss, you also may be putting your lean muscle mass in a dicey situation because the body will start to use it as fuel.


  1. Causes indigestion problems and increased blood pressure

One of the causes of stomach pain, flatulence and acid reflux is going on an empty stomach for a long period of the day, in this case from breakfast to dinner. This causes an increased secretion of gastric acid which then attacks the stomach lining leading to ulcers eventually. It can also lead to increased Blood pressure. OK, it’s  a little Biology. Skipping lunch consistently over a long period of time stimulates your body to release hormones to compensate for the low glucose level, and this increases your blood pressure level in a seesaw manner. Stop skipping lunch!


  1. Affects kids development

For children, the stakes are even higher. Without a well balanced lunch, your child may be lacking important vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron and vitamin C. Lunch is the meal that really powers them for much of the day and therefore should also provide the best nutritional value to boost their metabolism and development. A child that skips lunch often not only stunts physically but mentally too. We’ll, thank goodness it’s summer, you should inculcate the habit of paying attention to your kids lunch especially during school season.



For adults, eating any type of meal for lunch may be okay, but for healthy dieting some foods hold more nutritional weight than others. Quick recommendations that are not only easy and affordable but packs nutritional punch include non-fat yogurt and grilled chicken, Chicken sandwich and smoothie, fried egg and potatoes while for kids, egg sauce with slices of yam is both quick to fix, stock in their lunch-boxes and also, is very nutritionally balanced. Essentially meals that have an little input of the essential nutrients  such as carbohydrate, protein, fats and oil and also minerals would do just fine.

In a nutshell, just like breakfast, lunch too is a vital meal of the day and should not be skipped, especially often.