Aren’t we just Eggcited today???

It’s a Friday again!!!

Do you remember a time when we were kids with no choices to make and were only given chicken feet to eat because we were young and knew nothing? Well, we should probably be very grateful.

Did you know that part of the easiest ways of having a glowing, ageless skin was to eat Chicken Feet?

Why? you ask…. well, the Department of Animal Science of National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan showed that Chicken Feet contained lots of Collagen.

The question now is, what is collagen? It simply can be described as the “bandage which holds our body in place”. It is that ingredient which is responsible for a youthful ageless skin. Although  it is not only the skin which benefits from Collagen, there are some other benefits like:

  • Rich in calcium and protein; these nutrients are extremely important in nerves, muscles and bones regeneration. Even the condition of spinal cord injury is believed to be cured sporadically if food containing Chicken Feet is taken.
  • It helps with weight loss because it helps the body in metabolising fat.
  • slows the effects of arthritis.
  • strengthen the blood vessels by improving blood supply.

Although collagen is quite important, there are other awesome things which we can benefit from the consumption of chicken feet; It increases the immune system as it is very nutritious.  It contains Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc and calcium. Some of these materials are quite beneficial in fighting against attacks from diseases.

Our gums are really important because its what holds our teeth in place. Chicken Feet helps to maintain healthy gum. Various gum diseases are most of the time caused by poor dental health and it could also be because of some Vitamins deficiency. Chicken feet is said to contain many nutrients; as it has cognitive tissues and cartilage that would turn into a gel because it contains collagen, amino acids and some gelatin forming agents. All these substances are the reason why the health of the gum would be improved.

To simply put it, Chicken feet may sound disgusting or ridiculous but its health benefits are amazing…Wouldn’t you agree?

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