Are your kids eating too much junk food or they are picky eaters?

Are you confused about what type of food to give them or just worried about the impact of junk food on them?

Then, this post is for you.

In discerning the effect of poor diet, two important questions have to be asked: What is an effective diet? and What is a poor diet?

An effective diet is one which has Carbohydrate, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and all the Nutrients in their right proportion while a poor diet can be said to be the consumption of foods which are high in fat, salt, sugar and little or no fruits and vegetables.

Now that the two have been differentiated, we shall now identify the cause of poor diet in children. The crunch in child diet can never be overemphasized. A survey from National diet and nutrition ascertained that:

  • 92% of children consume more saturated fat than recommended
  • 86% consume too much sugar
  • 72% consume too much salt
  • 96% do not get enough fruit and vegetables.


From this survey, a very high number of children do not consume enough vegetables and fruits; these are, however, very important in nutritional rankings. Obesity is like a sack of potatoes; if it is not put down, it can break the backbone of any country.   The Foresight report on obesity makes a rather frightening prediction unless proper measures are taken. 50% of boys and 70% of girls, could be at risk of obesity by 2050.

This poor eating habit can have a negative effect on the child, as it would lead to child obesity and this is rising very fast. The United Kingdom has recorded the highest rate of obesity; one in two children are now obese or overweight. There has been a 40% increase in childhood obesity with children under 11 years, if this continues, however, half of the children would be overweight or obese by 2020. Let’s say they escape the obesity, later in life there is a high risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

The solution to this menace is not so far from the problem. However, here are some few solutions:

  • Children should be protected from the junk market.
  • Children should be given food to school rather than money.
  • providing food labeling that everyone, including children, can understand.

Have your kids eat right…