“Eat like a King in the morning,

a Prince at noon,

and a Pauper at night.”


This is an old saying in most countries.

This is because the Breakfast is a very, if not, the MOST important meal of the day. Most people are often so busy and thus ranking breakfast low in their list of preferences. When a car tries to move in the morning without fuel, it might not start and if does, would not reach its destination. This can also be applied to our body as Breakfast is the fuel our body needs after an 8hour fast.

Without this essential meal of the day, we would be running like an engine without oil. Nutritionists have advised that within the first two hours of waking, breakfast should be eaten and also 20-30% of guideline daily allowance is the range in which a breakfast should provide calories.

Apart from being an important source of energy, Breakfast foods are an excellent source of nutrients such as Fiber, Protein, Calcium, Vitamin B, Calcium. Breakfast restores glucose level and this is needed for proper function of the brain. Studies have shown that consumption of breakfast can improve moods, lower stress level, improving memory and concentration level and makes us generally happy.


  1. It boosts metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels during the day.
  2. Helps energize the body, keeping you productive and active until Lunch.
  3. The risk of cravings is reduced by a healthy breakfast.
  4. Low incidence of heart diseases has been associated with Breakfast.
  5. It is not just needed for energy but also for the brain as well, as eating a nutritious breakfast helps improve your concentration and productivity.


from the above, we can categorically say “YES“, Breakfast is essential for our daily production. A regular consumption can reduce Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and some other chronic diseases…

Have you eaten this morning?



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